Taste data for the world of wine
Person visualizing a wine's taste profile on Tastee from his tablet
The taste of wine at your fingertips
Person visualizing a wine's taste profile on Tastee from his phone
Tasting data archiving and analysis solution
Tastee is the digital version of the traditional paper tasting notebook. Specially designed for wine professionals, this tool archives and then makes full use of all the information contained in the tasting comments, thanks to Tastee AI technology!
The taste of wine
The data the world of wine has been missing
Fermenting wine seen from the top of a tank
Subjective by nature and constantly evolving, the taste of a wine is probably one of the most complex elements to understand. Yet accurate knowledge of it is essential throughout the value chain, from production to distribution.
Knowing the taste of a wine means being able to talk about it, to know whether it will appeal to you or to a particular market, to understand the impact of a production process on a wine's taste profile…
Tastee AI
Turning tasting notes into data
Man sitting at a table sipping red wine and writing tasting comments on a tablet
Tasting comments analysis AI
Tasting data, by its very textual nature, is virtually unusable in its original format. The role of Tastee Artificial Intelligence is to transform this raw data into fully exploitable digital data, while preserving the essence of the characteristics initially described.
Thanks to Tastee AI, tasting data can now be classified, compared and analysed from every angle.
Tastee DB
Precise data on all the wines on the market
Modern wine cellar with numerous bottles illuminated by white light
The universal wine taste database
Tastee DB is a universal wine taste database created by Winespace. This database provides reliable, dated and consolidated information on the current or past taste of each wine on the market. In the future, Tastee DB will even be able to suggest information on the future taste of wines by predicting their potential evolution.