The taste of wine at your fingertips
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The digital tasting notebook
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Your comments are your expertise, your sensitivity, your style and your heritage as a taster! Write your tasting comments on Tastee in the same way as you usually do on your paper notebook, as a fully written text or simple notes.
Your data archived and well organised
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Tastee was designed by and for wine professionals. No need to search for your data - it's always with you, perfectly organised by estate, cuvée, vintage and tasting date.
Your data analysed by Tastee AI
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All comments are analysed by Tastee AI to categorise their content and make the information they contain usable and analysable. More than just a tasting notebook, it's a real database on the taste of the wines you're building up.
An array of smart tools
My report
Château La Grande Clotte
L'Envolée 2018
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Summary report
Visualize the taste of a wine and follow its evolution over time
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Vin aux parfums de fleurs blanches et d'agrumes avec une belle acidité et un profil minéral
Search by taste
Instantly find wines with the right taste profile
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AOP Pauillac
368 comments found
Overall analysis
Identify trends and typicity of a type of wine
Powerful alone, overpowering as a team!
Tastee facilitates collaboration and information sharing by centralizing your team's data in one place. Follow your colleagues' tastings live and consult their comments. The icing on the cake... you can synthesize the team's different opinions to come up with an overall opinion on a wine.