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Exploit the potential of your tasting notes
Consult your tasting notes easily
Archive all your tasting notes and use the Tastee search engine to easily find wines with precise technical and taste characteristics.
Take a step back from your tastings
Synthesize 5, 100, 1,000, 10,000 tasting comments to visualize general trends. Overall perception of a wine, a thematic tasting, a vintage, an appellation... Tastee helps you to go further in your analysis.
Do more, faster !
Compare your current feelings with your past tastings, share your work with your colleagues, export detailed reports ready to share... Tastee offers you a range of innovative tools to develop your expertise.
Case studies
One of the largest wine competition organizers in the world (+15,000 samples/year) uses Tastee to analyze its tasting data. After each session, a complete summary is sent to each producer. It summarizes the strengths, weaknesses, and aromatic profile of the wine. This approach aims to reinforce the seriousness and image of the competition, as well as its transparency with regard to producers.
View an example of a synthesis
An important wine importer uses Tastee to pre-select his wines in order to win tenders. He enters the technical characteristics (color, origin, vintage, price...) as well as the expected taste profile. Tastee scans the market and proposes a selection of suitable wines. This process is designed to save time and maximize the chances of success.
A major oenological consulting laboratory uses Tastee to archive its tasting data and facilitate collaboration and information sharing between oenologists.
This approach aims to improve customer rentention, enhance the team's expertise, and offer new levers for business development.
What is Tastee?
Leveraging tasting notes with Artificial Intelligence
Every year, hundreds of thousands of tasting notes are written by wine professionals. These comments, which can be considered as a textual representation of perceived sensations, contain all the information on the taste of the wines on the market.
However, these comments remain non-standardized, without a standardized writing method, and contain a very specific jargon. To standardize them manually in order to exploit them would be a daunting task, requiring an army of oenologists.
Tastee uses Artificial Intelligence to replicate the skills of the oenologist and process this data on a large scale.
Analyzing each comment accurately
Tastee is an algorithm capable of analyzing all types of comments, regardless of their form, length or language used. Like an experienced oenologist, it is able to understand innumerable oenological concepts, to relate these concepts to each other, or to understand the influence of each adjective and/or adverb on the concept described.
Tastee is an Artificial Intelligence algorithm, which improves with data. It is enriched day after day by the comments it analyzes and by the richness of the vocabulary of the different tasters.
A collaboration of wine and Artificial Intelligence experts
Tastee uses the latest innovations in Natural Language Processing (AI) to accurately understand the meaning of each sentence and interpret its signification.
It is the result of significant initial research work, conducted in partnership with INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Sciences et Technologies du Numérique) and one of its researchers, Benoît Sagot, a French expert in Natural Language Processing.
Its creation required several years of development, and the daily involvement of several oenologists, computer engineers and PhD in mathematics.